What Is AABB ?

Natus - Immigration DNA test Reviewed and reported by AABB accredited labs,

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What is AABB?

DNA testing laboratories are "accredited" by the AABB (which was formerly American Association of Blood Banks). All credited laboratories are required to pass a meticulous assessment and review of their testing procedures and laboratory to make sure that the tests are performed accurately and comprehensively. The accredited laboratories are also required to partake in proficiency DNA testing and are re-assessed annually. This accreditation helps DNA laboratories in attaining quality performance.

Now that you know what is AABB, let us assure you that we at Natus provide DNA testing services only by using AABB Certified DNA testing labs to confirm family relationships for an affordable rate. Also, since our laboratories are Reviewed and reported by AABB accredited labs,, you can submit the results for a legal proceeding, to a court of law. Moreover, all the results are kept confidential and private and are presented in a concise, clear form, with 100% accuracy.