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Prenatal DNA testing NY New York

What Is It For?

Prenatal DNA testing New York 

Prenatal DNA testing is performed to prove the identity of the father of a child while the mother is still pregnant with the child. These tests are conducted regularly, and they are safe for the mother and the baby. Noninvasive prenatal paternity testing is done as early as 5 weeks of pregnancy, and you can get your results in 2 weeks’ time.

Your DNA is formed and decided when you are conceived. It does not change after that. You get half of your genetic makeup from your mother and her family, and you receive an equal amount from your father and his family bloodline. This creates a unique and unusual you. Even when you have sisters and brothers who share the same parents, their DNA will be slightly different from your own. The doctors could tell that they were your sisters and brothers, but they would also be able to say they were not you. If however, you have a genuinely identical twin then their DNA will read identically to your own.

When a prenatal DNA testing is performed because of a court order, the evidence collected must follow a specific procedure. When the mother and the father are swabbed for samples, they need to be in the presence of officials that can document that the samples came from them. The sample package will then be sealed and sent directly to the lab for analysis. If the Prenatal Paternity DNA testing is done without a court order, then a doctor will remove the sample for the child, and the parents can do an at-home sample that they send in for analysis and comparison.

The noninvasive prenatal paternity DNA testing is done by the doctor when the baby is between ten to thirteen weeks of gestation. It must be performed at this stage for the doctor to extract a large enough sample from the placenta to present for analysis.

DNA paternity test, therefore, is the investigation done in a science laboratory to determine whether two people have a biological relationship. The specific link is a parent (father) to child connection. Paternity refers to the father; it is meant to establish whether a man in question is the real biological father of an individual. The test is rigorous; producing the most reliable results known at this age and time. This kind of dead accuracy has been used to settle many court disputes and civil cases, and thus the service is very remarkable.

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