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DNA paternity testing
when pregnant

DNA paternity testing while pregnant

Do you nourish any doubt in your mind that your child is not your biological offspring? You are restless to get a decisive answer but you bite the dust when it comes to mustering courage to ask your wife. It may bring your marital love and familial life on rocks. Accusing her of perfidy without any substantial proof is not morally right on your part. Dna paternity testing while pregnant will ensure you if your doubt is right or baseless. Much popular as a fair practice in the developed nations, it has not fully come out of the shell in the developing countries. Let us dig deep into the discussion on the paternity test to build up a transparent idea among our readers.

There are several reasons to go for such testing. The whole issue can be adjudged from the mental, medical and legal angles. If your mind is entangled into the cobweb of doubt that you have not fathered the baby whom you cuddle or take to school or play with, in terms of DNA paternity, you can freely go for DNA paternity test to disentangle your mind and relieve mental discomfort. Very often, it is not easy to ask your wife to disclose the identity of the baby's biological father. There will be so much of an emotional dram entailing crying, sobbing, whining. Moreover, it is not fair to charge someone without any concrete proof in hand. The truth can be easily and quickly established by the Dna paternity testing.

The test is often required by the court as the base to settle the legal battle for divorce between husbands and wives. The father of the child wants to be sure of his biological parentage before shouldering his share of responsibility for the child. To solve the dispute, the court permits a certified authority to conduct the DNA paternity test as it can undisputedly determine who the biological father of the child is.

DNA paternity test is of greater significance in times of the organ transplant. A successful organ transplant requires a perfect matching for the sake of the survival of a patient. The DNA Paternity test provides assurance for a successful medical transplant.

Noninvasive is painless, accurate and a high degree of secrecy is maintained in the entire gamut of procedure. Privacy is maintained as the persons may get embarrassed in case any negative DNA paternity test result comes out. Involvement of mothers in the procedure is not mandatory to excavate the truth about the parentage. The DNA samples are collected from both the alleged father and the child for the testing. DNA is the tiny and twisted part that resides in the chromosomes and stores the coded information about the blueprint of the physical attributes and mental dispositions of an individual. After the collection of the samples from both the bodies, they are matched to prove if there is any biological connection between the two.

DNA paternity test provides 99.99% accuracy and therefore is greatly reliable. Some labs offer the facility of sending the kits to collect the samples from homes while the persons are required to pay the charges in the pre-addressed envelopes. Though the testing of DNA paternity is safe and causes no sort of pain or infection, still an individual has to suffer a great deal of mental turmoil. A strict code of confidentiality is observed in the DNA paternity test so that nobody gets a chance of rubbing salt on the wound in case of any negative result. Some centers offer medical counseling to heal the mental wounds and revive the family bonding. Such face-to-face covert discussion has proved to beget the satisfactory results in more than 60% of the cases.

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