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Being pregnant is a joy, but it’s more joyous when you know the father of the child. If you don’t see the father can cause a lot of distress for the expecting mother and on a marriage and a noninvasive prenatal DNA test at five weeks can help her find out whether her lover or her husband is the father, potentially putting her mind at ease.

However, many professionals are wondering if the ease with which a woman can access prenatal paternity testing is encouraging them to continue with their infidelity. If a woman is pregnant and finds out early in the pregnancy that the baby is that of her lover, then she can choose to have an abortion. Without the fear of having an unwanted pregnancy and a baby fathered by her lover, a woman could continue with her affair indefinitely. On the other hand, if her husband finds out about the pregnancy, the affair, and the results of the paternity test, then he might push her to have an abortion. The marriage might also be at an end.

There is also the issue of consent to testing. If a woman has had an affair, is pregnant, and does not want either man to know about it, then she would need to get a sample of DNA from one of them. The saliva from her husband's morning coffee cup or a hair from his comb or pillow would be just enough, but in many countries, a person submitting another person's DNA for testing must have written permission to do so. The more natural way might be to ask the man with whom she had an affair, but that would mean involving him, which in turn would make getting an abortion more difficult should the child be his.

Fortunately, if a woman wants to undergo prenatal paternity testing, then it is an easy thing to do. Gone are the days of risky amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. Now a simple blood test will suffice, and it can be done any time between weeks 11 and 18 of pregnancy, but we have raised the bar and are offering the analysis at as early as 5 weeks of gestation. As you can see from above, the situation is highly complicated. However, hundreds of women each year go in to get paternity testing done before the birth of their child so that they can confirm the identity of the father and statistics show as many as 3% of men are unknowingly raising a child who isn't theirs.

None of the alternatives are fair in this scenario. When a woman finds herself in the position of having a pregnancy that could be the result of infidelity, then the best thing for her to do is seek counseling before deciding on prenatal paternity testing.

Our, mission is to empower the woman and leave that decision to her.

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