AABB immigration

Unite Your Family with AABB Immigration Testing.

Moving to another country can be stressful and challenging because of everything that needs to be done. Not only do you have to file paperwork, you also have to prove your background. While there will be challenges that lie ahead, we at Natus can help you out. We can provide you with an AABB immigration test that gets you the DNA proof you need to finally unite your family together.

AABB immigration tests are reviewed by AABB accredited labs and can prove the relationship between you and family members and give a lot of insight as to what your background is. We at Natus will provide you with all the answers you need to move on with your citizenship process. We are available to answer questions so you don't have to spend a lot of time wondering. We want to make sure you get the DNA test quickly so you can enjoy being with your family and so you can start your future!