About Natus™

What is the name Natus ?

Natus is short for "Prenatus" in latin which is "Prenatal".

About Natus

Natus is a wide range DNA agency that provides a variety of affordable DNA testing services. We specialize in Non invasive Prenatal DNA Testing, Natus wants to reduce the cost of the DNA tests and make it affordable to all. We believe that everyone should have the right to find out their genetic History at affordable prices without worrying about the cost, We think it is the right of every human.

We have managed to bring our customers reduced DNA testing prices in paternity, Non invasive paternity, immigration, home kits, Maternity and more. We are proud of the DNA testing service we provide to our clients and plan to continue our Hard work for years to come please take advantage of our new online store with exclusive prices.

Thank you the Natus Team.