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DNA Testing Kit.

When you need your results in a hurry, you can use our online order form at Natus, to have a DNA Testing Kit sent to you, so you can get the testing process underway. There are many reasons women need to know the information right away; for this reason, we offer this option of sending out a kit, so you can get the testing done in your home, and send it back to our labs, so we can run the test.

You can be rest assured that your DNA Testing Kit is not tampered with prior to being sent out, and that we will guarantee all results from the kit that you send back in to us. We guarantee the results, the timeliness of our services, and your privacy, throughout the entire testing process, when you need to have the answers to the question of who the father is, right away.


  • Legal Paternity Test - $399
  • Peace Of Mind Paternity Test - $259
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    This order form enables our visitors to order their DNA test with ease, we worked hard to simplify the online store and to make sure anyone can use it. After sending your order you will receive two emails,

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  • In most cases we get in touch with you in the same day, to schedule your appointment depending on working hours and time zone. The information you provide is confidential and secure, we respect our clients privacy.